My son, [was taken ill] and after calling 111 for advice  about 5.30pm a volunteer first responder arrived, unfortunately I cannot remember his name but he was driving a white car if that helps with identification. [My son] has no verbal communication and it was obvious that he was in pain but would not allow us to get close enough to help him.  This man was very gentle with [my son] trying to reassure him, gain his trust, whilst doing the necessary checks.  He also communicated well with myself.

After some time the first responder worked alongside the ambulance crew to assess [my son] and get him  into the ambulance – no mean feat as he was very frightened – the ambulance  took him to LRI.

I did not ask the first responder where he was based but assumed Melton, if not, would you be able to pass these comments on to the relevant area.

Massive thanks