My son, [was taken ill] and after calling 111 for advice  about 5.30pm a volunteer first responder arrived, unfortunately I cannot remember his name but he was driving a white car if that helps with identification. [My son] has no verbal communication and it was obvious that he was in pain but would not allow us to get close enough to help him.  This man was very gentle with [my son] trying to reassure him, gain his trust, whilst doing the necessary checks.  He also communicated well with myself.

After some time the first responder worked alongside the ambulance crew to assess [my son] and get him  into the ambulance – no mean feat as he was very frightened – the ambulance  took him to LRI.

I did not ask the first responder where he was based but assumed Melton, if not, would you be able to pass these comments on to the relevant area.

Massive thanks



2019 – Another Busy Year

2019 was another busy year for the group. In total, the group were ‘on call’ for over 10,000 hours and attended 1,651 jobs on behalf of the East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS).

Although volunteers, we are now more recognisable as being a key part of the EMAS response with our new EMAS approved uniforms that feature both the NHS and EMAS logos. Pictured above, left to right, are John, Gary, Peter, Elaine, Ina and Patrick. In the EMAS uniform is Ben Ryrie, the EMAS county CFR coordinator and trainer. Two other active members of the group, Tim and David, were unavailable for this ‘photo-shoot’.

There are currently 3 new members undergoing training that will shortly require kits and uniforms. Nearly all of the equipment that we require is purchased from charitable donations.

This year, we gratefully received donations from:

  • Melton Building Society – £2,387 (more info)
  • Tilton on the Hill Produce Show – £1,500
  • Great Dalby School Harvest Festival – £50
  • Upper Broughton Village CPR and Defibrillator Training – £75
  • Funeral Donation from Family and Friends – £310




In Dec my elderly aunt had a fall at her home, where she lives alone. The first help to arrive was one of your volunteers, a lovely man called Tim. He did everything he could to make sure that my aunt was warm and comfortable whilst we waited for an ambulance, and I was just so relieved to have someone there with his skills, knowledge and caring, compassionate attitude.

Once the ambulance did arrive things suddenly happened very quickly, and in all the confusion I never got chance to thank Tim. So would you please let him know just how immensely grateful both my aunt and I are for what he did that evening. She is still in hospital and unlikely to return home. It was partly Tim’s gently suggesting to her that she needs to be living somewhere that will  look after her that succeeded where we as family have failed for months!  What would we (and the NHS) do without people like your fantastic volunteers. Thank you once again from the very bottom of my heart x

Local unsung heroes recognised in the Mayor’s Awards

Members of the Melton Community First Responder group where delighted and proud to receive the Mayor’s Award of Merit.

Member and partners of the Melton CFR group

Quoting from the local council website:

Melton Community First Responders

Medical Emergency Volunteers

  • Unpaid volunteers respond to medical emergencies on behalf of East Midlands Ambulance Service providing help and reassurance to the patient, their family and friends;
  • Attends  thousands of incidents in a year, providing a very valuable and appreciated service to the community;
  • Between a group of 11 responders in the Melton area, they have contributed over 17,000 hours of unpaid service in the previous year.


2017 Summary

It is now 3 years since we moved over to EMAS and during this time we have seen a few changes. The Ambulance service is very stretched, as is the whole of the NHS, which is keeping the group very active.

We did have 4 members that were based in the Rothley area and early in the year they left the Melton group to set up one specifically for their own area.

During 2017 we attended 1887 patients. The group committed to 12,217 hours ‘on call’ plus 300 training hours. These figures are down on last year but the 2016 figures included the Rothley based members.

We also had one of our original members, Elaine, retire from attending calls after 11 active years. Elaine is still a member of the group and is committed in other ways.

We are now working with 8 members going out on call but still able to provide 24/7 cover.


2016 Summary

During 2016 the group committed to 18,500 man-hours of on-call time; time when one or more members were available to respond to an emergency. In addition to the on-call time, members spent a total of 350 man-hours attending training sessions. Some of these session were full-day courses run by EMAS whilst others were evening’s refresher session run by our own trainer.

During 2016 we attended to 1968 patients in and around the Melton Mowbray area; on average, that is over 5 per day.

We currently have 10 active members. Four members are level 2 responders that respond to serious medical emergencies in adults (strokes, heart problems etc). A further six members are level 3 responders that can attend to a wider range of illnesses, trauma and incidents involving babies and children.



Farmageddon Runners Complete the 10K run

Thank you to Charlotte, Kayla, Emma and Tom for taking part in the Farmageddon run to raise money for Youth Sport Trust and our CFR group. This year the event was held near Market Harborough.

It was a lot tougher, this year, and included wading through chest high stream, steep muddy slopes and obstacle climbs. I think the colour of their tee shirts sums it up!




Mayor’s Charity for 2016/17

The incoming Mayor for The Melton Borough, Councillor David Wright,  is considering nominating Melton Community First Responders as one of his charity’s for the 2016/17.

The announcement will be made on Tuesday 17th May.