Melton Aurora Rotary Club FunDay – 1st May

Melton Aurora Rotary club Fun Day

1st May, 10am to 4pm

Scalford Village Hall

Melton Community First Responders will have a stall at this event, manned by members of the group.

There are a lot more community access defibrillators being installed in the area and you never know when you might be asked to fetch and use one. On the stand we will have a resuscitation doll and a training defibrillator. Come along and have a go; it will give you the confidence to use it, should the need arrive.


Melton Mowbray Mayor’s Awards April 2016

Tim Frisby, a member of Melton Community First Responders, has been successfully nominated for an individual award.

The Community First Responders, have been successfully nominated for a Group Award.

The awards will be presented on 20th April. We will update and let you know how we get on. Whatever the outcome, we are very honoured to be nominated.

Our New Projects

Or new project is to replace all the dilapidated kit bags we use for carrying our essential equipment. The oxygen bottles are fairly heavy so the bags need to be robust and they must also be wipe-clean to comply with infection control procedures. The most suitable bag that we have been able to find costs around £200 each and we have 13 to replace.

We would also like to buy a hi-vis jacket, with pockets, and a sweatshirt  for each responder. Currently, in the group there are 17 fully Trained Responders with another 4 waiting to get onto a training course.

A Big Thank you

Melton Community First Responders started a fund raising project last year to replace our 13 rather aged Defibrillators. The Manufacturers have stopped production and only guarantee production of replacement batteries and pads until the year 2020 which is not that far away. We originally put 3 year time scale for our replacement programme, taking us to the end of 2017. At the time we all thought this was optimistic.

In October last year we sent a letter to the Melton Times applying to Ragdale Hall for funding from their Make It Happen event. The Melton Times ran an article about our group and our project to replace our old Defibrillators. This article brought us donations from some very generous residents in Melton, and some organisations that we would never have thought of approaching.

I do not feel I can put into print the names of the individuals who sent us some wonderful donation but I wrote to all of them at the time. Thank you again from us all.

The companies and organisations that responded to our project were,

  • Mars in the Community,
  • Ragdale Hall “Make It Happen”,
  • The Leicestershire & Rutland Freemasons,
  • Trumpton Charity,
  • The Red Arrows Charitable Trust,
  • St. Marys Parish Church.

And we still have the promise of more to come. These donations will complete the Defibrillator project.

Thank you to all.


Recognition for Good Work

Tim Frisby, one of our long-standing members has received recognition for his good work. The following is an extract published in the EMAS Chief Executive’s bulletin.

Oakham Paramedic FRV Sally Davies wrote praising Community First Responder Tim Frisby. She said: “I would like to commend one of Melton CFR’s Tim Frisby, for his outstanding work on Wednesday evening (18/11/15) when a patient went into respiratory arrest at Melton Foods, Melton, he was first on scene and he ventilated the patient for several minutes prior to my arrival. When I arrived Tim was so calm, did a great handover and the patient was talking and making good progress. I have no doubt in my mind that Tim’s intervention saved this patients life. Well done Tim, keep up the good work.”

EMAS Certificate

Peter Scott and Dave Simmonds have received a certificate from the ambulance service (EMAS) in recognition of a successful resuscitation .