Recognition for Good Work

Tim Frisby, one of our long-standing members has received recognition for his good work. The following is an extract published in the EMAS Chief Executive’s bulletin.

Oakham Paramedic FRV Sally Davies wrote praising Community First Responder Tim Frisby. She said: “I would like to commend one of Melton CFR’s Tim Frisby, for his outstanding work on Wednesday evening (18/11/15) when a patient went into respiratory arrest at Melton Foods, Melton, he was first on scene and he ventilated the patient for several minutes prior to my arrival. When I arrived Tim was so calm, did a great handover and the patient was talking and making good progress. I have no doubt in my mind that Tim’s intervention saved this patients life. Well done Tim, keep up the good work.”

Donations received from two Melton Families

A Melton couple, celebrating 60 years of marriage asked their family and friends for donations to Melton CFR. Together they raised over £450.

Another Melton couple, after reading the Melton Times on the 8th October, generously donated £1000 to buy a replacement defibrillator.

A big thank you from the group to both of these families.


Enhanced Training

Five members of the Melton Community First Responder group have recently qualified as Level 3 responders. Level 3 responders will be responding to some accidents (excluding road traffic) and will also be responding to babies and children. The rest of the group are currently Level 2 and mainly respond to illnesses and do not respond to anyone under 12 years old.

The course also included 7 people from other groups throughout Leicestershire. Part of the course included splitting into 2 groups of 6. Each group had to set up simulated accidents / illnesses for the other group to deal with. Needless to say, we tried to make it as difficult as possible for the other group! This ensured that each test was quite challenging.