2016 Summary

During 2016 the group committed to 18,500 man-hours of on-call time; time when one or more members were available to respond to an emergency. In addition to the on-call time, members spent a total of 350 man-hours attending training sessions. Some of these session were full-day courses run by EMAS whilst others were evening’s refresher session run by our own trainer.

During 2016 we attended to 1968 patients in and around the Melton Mowbray area; on average, that is over 5 per day.

We currently have 10 active members. Four members are level 2 responders that respond to serious medical emergencies in adults (strokes, heart problems etc). A further six members are level 3 responders that can attend to a wider range of illnesses, trauma and incidents involving babies and children.